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Fitso: One Stop Destination for Fitness

For years, experts have been stressing the need for India to have a sports culture beyond cricket, but hardly anyone has had an answer to two of the biggest deterrents – lack of quality coaching and infrastructure.

There is one startup however, that has in the last year and a half brought the sport of swimming to the forefront of recreational sports in Delhi/NCR. Fitso, a tech-oriented fitness company started by three IITians is transforming lives by making fitness accessible through sports.

Saurabh Aggarwal, Fitso’s co-founder, and an Ironman Triathlete knew from personal experience that learning swimming in Delhi/NCR is not easy because the region has only a few good coaches and facilities. Plus, the climate only allows swimming in summers because the weather gets too cold during winters and there are hardly any temperature controlled pools around.

Further digging revealed staggering numbers, like the swimming literacy in Delhi/NCR’s youth is only about 20% as opposed to more than 80% in the European nations that have a much colder climate. No wonder they’re able to produce way more podium winning athletes than us. There was clearly a gap to be filled.

Fitso brought competent people on-board for pool acquisition, engineers who understood pool operations and heating technology to make pools run in all kinds of weather, CRM team, salesforce, marketing and above all, internationally certified coaches most of whom have an athletic background and have trained some of the best in the business.

Fitso has grown from a team of 10 in 2016 to a team of 250+ in 2019 and is currently operating 22 swimming pools across NCR where they’ve taught swimming to over 20,000 people and trained Praveen Chaudhary who won 2 gold medals at Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. The mission to make India swimming literate is on at full swing in NCR where swimming now takes place around the year and it will inevitably spread across India.

Even though swimming is the current area of focus for Fitso, the team has a well-established brand name in running coaching – Fitso Flash and Nutrition coaching – Fitso care. In line with the company’s vision of making sports accessible to all, Fitso has recently launched its new division called Fitso Sports that is making top-class facilities accessible in sports such as Badminton, Squash and Self defense to name a few.

Fitso is re-defining the landscape of recreational sports and we can look forward to a much fitter and sports crazy nation that plays more than cricket.

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