NRC is in National Interests, says Haryana CM

23-09-2019 13:18:20
By : Hari Om

 “National Register of Citizens (NRC) is not a political issue for the BJP. Instead, it’s a way towards safeguarding the nation’s interest”, said the Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar.

He said that the NRC was an issue for the country. In a question asked by the media, Khattar said, “Our central leadership has already made it clear that it would prepare the NRC in all such states where the party has its governments. And Haryana is not exception”.

The Haryana Chief Minister reiterated, “Besides various others, the senior Congress leader, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, supported the NRC saying that a law regarding NRC was in place. It is in place since 1954. Successive Congress governments should have done it (NRC) earlier. In year 1982-1984, work on NRC was started but then the issue went to the court and some other complications engulfed it”.

While talking to the media on Saturday, Khattar said, “NRC is not meant to disturb the life of any individual instead it would increase his/her value. As such, it should be implemented in all states including in Haryana.  Those having citizenship of other countries (or country) do not deserve any right to live in the country without prior approval of the government or necessary permissions from the authorities concerned. Any complaint related to unauthorized stay of other nationals in, even in Haryana, it may be 40000, 50000 or so, can only be confirmed through proper survey. Those protesting the NRC have nothing to do with the national interests. Indeed, NRC will play a pivotal role in days to come. All must keep patience and cooperate with the government”.

“None of the matters related to the implementation of NRC can be termed as issues for election. Still there are a few that are trying to make it an election issue”, the Haryana CM Said.

By Pravin Mishra


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