Dr. Herbert Kleber used to get rid of these addictions, Google created Doodle

01-10-2019 12:30:12
By : Shrishti Nagar

Google today created a doodle on psychiatrist Herbert Kleber, a doctor who specialized in getting rid of addictions. 23 years ago, he was elected a member of the National Academy of Medicine on this day. It can be seen in the doodle that Google has made, that a doctor is sitting and the patient is telling them their problem. The doctor is writing on a note pad. Then in a nearby picture, the person is shown getting out of drugs.

Doctor Herbert Kleber was born on 19 June 1934 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Herbert Kleber studied medicine at Dartmouth College, where he showed interest in psychology. For three years, he helped people get rid of drug addiction. Herbert used to treat drug addicts in Kentucky, where he felt that a scientific approach was needed for successful treatment. He first tried to find out why the person feels addictive and how to get rid of it.

Doctor Kleber and his wife established the Addiction and Drug Abuse Division at Columbia University College of Physicians, which became the country's most successful program. He found a successful cure to get rid of the addiction. He observed that through research, medicine and medicine, addiction can also be eradicated.

He has worked on a number of projects on developing new methods for treating addicts such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Doctor Herbert Kleber was also the founder of the Drugs Dependence Unit at Yale University.


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